Amazing! If you are a Catalan resident or Catalonia independence supporter you’ll get over 3,000 Euro free!

Catalonia independence getting strong tailwind with new Catalonia based crypto-currency called CatalanBit (CAT). But not like other crypto base coins that the only way is to mine it (not easy for everyone), The CatalanBit support the Catalonia Independence by giving it away for Catalonia residents and supporters.

According to CatalanBit official blog If you are a resident and can prove it in any way you will get 100 CAT (the coin symbol) that worth for now over 3,000 Euro! And if you are Catalonia independence supporter (you will need prove it by share some Catalonia independence support post in your social media profile with the link CatalanBit site) you will get 20 CAT that now worth over 600 Euro. More info about that you can find on CatalanBit official blog.

The main idea of this coin that have been made by Caterina (Enthusiastic supporter of Catalonia independence) is to give real finance freedom for Catalonia by start using CAT as an alternative to traditional local currency (Euro) and in that way free Catalonia.

To get CAT you will need to download CAT wallet or open CAT web wallet, The wallets are simple to use and you can get even more coins by mining the coins in the stand alone wallet. The price of CAT grew by over 400% since it started and the major crypto analysts forecast says that it may grow by 1000’s % in a year depends on Catalonia independence status. In any way it looks very optimistic for everyone.