Scaring! Ransomware, the next online threat. Here how to fight back easy.

Meister-Master-Penalty-Document-VirusImagine getting locked out of your computer, not because you forgot your password, but because of a Ransomware. Now imagine having to pay cyber criminals a hefty sum to regain access to all your files and data, customer data and confidential business and personal information.

You may see it on the news or read about it or even see in TV Series like “The Good Wife” , when “the firm’s computers are held for ransom by a con artist”.

But what is Ransomware and how you can protect yourself ? 

The definition from Wikipedia :

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the infected computer system in some way, and demands that the user pay a ransom to the malware operators to remove the restriction. Some forms of ransomware systematically encrypt files on the system’s hard drive, which become difficult or impossible to decrypt without paying the ransom for the encryption key, while some may simply lock the system and display messages intended to coax the user into paying. Ransomware typically propagates as a trojan, whose payload is disguised as a seemingly legitimate file.

While initially popular in Russia, the use of ransomware scams has grown internationally; in June 2013, security software vendor McAfee released data showing that it had collected over 250,000 unique samples of ransomware in the first quarter of 2013, more than double the number it had obtained in the first quarter of 2012.Wide-ranging attacks involving encryption-based ransomware began to increase through trojans such as CryptoLocker, which had procured an estimated US$3 million before it was taken down by authorities, and Cryptowall, which was estimated by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to have accrued over $18m by June 2015

In other words this is a hijack of you computer, data or mobile phone for money. This threat called in different names and according Microsoft have detected on more than 850,000 PCs running Microsoft security software between June and November 2015. You can google “Ransomware” and you will find a bunch of stories about ransomware blocking computers and mobile phones.


So … How you can fight back ? All antivirus and protection software will tell you to install there new models and keep it updated, follow privacy rules, and not open emails that has attachment. Will it help? Yes and No, the major problem here that the antivirus only can react to hackers so there is always be a new ways to hijack your device and lock it. Here the major antivirus company Kaspersky Twitting about it : “The best line of defense against any ransomware is to have backed up your machines yesterday”.


So no matter if it is your phoen or computer the best way is to backup you data, this way even when your data hijacked you can tell the hackers you not care becuse you have full back up.

But backup can be annoying and you must remember to do it often, so we will give you here top 3 backup systems that will do it fast and on autopilot :

  1. BackupGenie
  2. ZipCloud
  3. MyPcBackup

DO NOT open any files you got by email even from your friends and relatives if you not verify that they sent it . Hacker can’t hack there email and send Ransomware active files to you.

You may download Privacy scanner to remove all your passwords, credit cards and and other sensitive information.




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