This Is What Apple, Google & Samsung DO NOT want you to see: How Protect Your Smartphone Cheap

17f5aa0Find Out How Smart Users Are Protecting New Smartphone.

If you want to protect your new Smartphone then this may be the most exciting article you’ll ever read.

Here’s the deal: Smartphone Compatible Protection is giving instant file & photo security for $3.97. Yes you read that right – less then 4 dollar! (Limited to 5000 users).

As part of a special promotion, Microsoft, Google and Apple certified developers have teamed up with trusted software provider, giving away Smartphone file security.

Why are they offering this crazy promotion? Their Lead Developer, Dan Sheferd explains, “Earlier this year, Smartphone OS release came with it’s own problems which caused users to lose valuable files and photos. Our main goal is pretty simple. We wanted to help users protect the latest smartphones, allowing them to enjoy the free operating system upgrades without experiencing issues”

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what 29 year-old Cristian Yorgen of New Jersey thought too. He decided to give it a shot and instantly protected his iPhone 6S for only $1 within a matter of minutes.

Cristian explains, “After receiving my new iPhone in the post I couldn’t wait to install iOS 9. I had read on the Apple forum that other users had experienced photos and files being deleted during an iOS update and wanted to protect myself from this happening. I decided to take the $4 risk, it’s less than a cup of coffee anyways. Instantly my phone was protected and couldn’t be happier”

Lisa who lost smartphone once and all the photos she had on it explain :“On my last smartphone i made over 2000 photos from my Honeymoon, first photo of my first son and much more exciting and personal moments … luckily I had this 3.97$ offer that will keep all those moments for life”

Apparently this “practically free” promotional tactic is common practice among big companies with big marketing budgets. For instance, Burger King launched a similar campaign in 2015, giving away 20,000 free Big Macs on Facebook.

Here’s how to claim your Smartphone protection:

  1. Simply visit the promotion
  2. Fill out your email address and pay $3.97

During this special promotion, you’ll be directed to iTunes or the Google Play store where you’ll be able to claim your free protection app. Hit enable, sync and you’re instantly covered. It’s like insurance for your photos and files!

So you can get Smartphone photo protection incredibly cheap… But is this really the best software on the market?

Our research compared this applications to many other providers and this is what we concluded that compared to others Smartphone backup, storage and file restore products, the Smartphone file protection ranks #1 in sync, backup, restore and sharing capabilities.

In short, it’s the best, most reliable file protection currently on the market. Combined with the fact you can get it for only $3.97, the choice is a no brainer.

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