Unbelievable ! How easy to steal your money and identity online

ID-theft-B-2011-2110,000,000 Americans had their personal information exposed by hackers. Only in the past year over 13,000,000 American people fell victim to identity fraud and over 16,000,000,000 $ stolen. And it was just last year. So how you it can impact you ?
In the following research we will try to explain you how it done and how you can protect yourself, your money and identity.
First be aware that your computer is the most exposed object that you have. Its like you wallet with your passport have been left in Central Park.

So this is how it work … you open facebook or any other website type your username and password, search , chat with you friend and purchase cool or cheap stuff, watch some movies and download some music … this regular basis actions will leave in your computer and in your browser your Usernames and Passwords, your Credit Cards, all web pages you visited, all the content you download, all your chat logs and much more.

Now it’s is a matter of time while your data will be stolen. Head of the Security Data
Ellen Smith say “Evarge PC have enough data to fell victim to identity fraud” … and he explain “While we run the most privacy protection toll PrivacyDr on 100’s different computers we found that in 93% of them the passwords and usernames was stored by browsers and in 86% the Credit Cards was stored  with all profile that including billing address CVV code, Zip Code, phone numbers and expiration date … all the data the hackers looking for”.

PrivacyDr it is software that will protects against identity theft by revealing where your
phone number, email, physical address and credit card information are stored on your computer and clean or replace your browser history

We try this software and scan 7 of our office computers and find that 5 of them have stored credit cards with full profile and 6 of them have visited on adult sites, what lead our CEO to make a action on them. We was sceptical and did not believe that our firm computer will be so exposed and we can bet that your computer are have same results as we did .

After this scan we discovered that PrivacyDr has a special feature that allows you to automatically delete from history and specific site that you have visited after you close your browser. For example, you may selectively erase each time you visit your bank account or other sites you wish your kids, roommates, etc. Will not be aware of.


This tool conveniently lets you to selectively delete or replace websites that you have visited and remain stored on your browser history and erase chat and instant messages.
With PrivacyDr , you can make sure you leave no traces on your instant messaging programs (Yahoo, Skype, ooVoo, ICQ and Trillian). You can delete all your chat logs on your selected program(s) with a click of a button.
Not only this … Coockies that planted automatically will server the advertising company to show you more and more ads, push annoying popup’s, inject more banners in each content site and show you more video promotions on tube sites. This is the way it is, when you advertiser have information about what you like they pay to show the related ads based on your cookies. To avoid ads overflow you will need to clean your coockies and you can do by 1 clikc with PrivacyDr .


We are strongly recommend you to get Privacy Dr. a regular antivirus will not help you with the privacy protection on a daily basis, and this is by far the most powerful privacy protection software the market have to offer.



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